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personal-injury-lawsuit-causesRenfrew County VCARS (RC VCARS) is a non-profit and volunteer based organization which assists Police and other emergency services in providing emotional and practical assistance to people who have experienced a crime or a tragic circumstance in Renfrew County.

Our trained, dedicated volunteers and staff respond to the needs of people who have experienced a crime or tragic circumstance by offering emotional support, non-financial practical assistance and referrals to other community services for longer term or ongoing support.  VCARS Responder Volunteers act as a bridge between the traumatic incident and the person’s natural or community support network.

We respond on-site immediately at the time of the crisis to Police identified referrals 24 hours a day, seven days a week to everyone in Renfrew County – we work in partnership with all Police and Fire Departments.

Our service is based on the concept of “Neighbours Helping Neighbours”.  It is a free service and the support that we offer is based on the individuals’ consent.



Renfrew County Victim Crisis Assistance and Referral Service . . . we are here to help!



Victims of unlicensed locksmiths

Whether it’s the lock to your home, or the lock installed in your vehicle to protect it from thieves, locks are something you interact with on a daily basis for one reason or another. Due to this necessity, sometimes you might make a mistake and find yourself locked out of your home, car, or safe. This presents an issue that can snowball into a massive headache if you don’t pay due diligence to who you look to in times of need. The Better Business Bureau reports that locksmith scammers are becoming more and more prevalent, and prey on innocent people looking to get back into their homes or cars. Knowing that you’re in a tight spot, they may take you to the cleaners when the bill comes. The owner of this locksmith from Mesa, AZ (www.mesa-locksmith.net) wrote this article and asked if we could publish it. Read on to further educate yourself, so you can avoid being a victim yourself in the future.


Write Down Their Number

Just as you would be inclined to take a badge number if you had an interaction with a police officer, you should always make sure that you get the license number of the locksmith you contact before they service your needs. If they are operating a legitimate enterprise, they should be licensed to operate by a state governing agency. If they cannot provide one, or refuse to provide one, you should exercise a great deal of caution if they cannot provide a reasonable explanation. They can either provide this number to you over the phone pre-service, or they should carry a small license that is not unlike an ID that will carry the number you seek. Try to avoid dealing with an unlicensed locksmith at all costs.

Check To Make Sure The Address Is Legit

More and more these days, customers receive the information for their locksmith through a telephone call, or via the internet. It is of the utmost importance that you receive an address, and if possible, visit that address to verify that the business you’re talking to is indeed a legitimate one. It’s not uncommon for phonies to hijack another legitimate businesses address, or even use an empty location with no building there.

Ensure The Price Is Right

Oftentimes, predatory locksmiths will quote you a very reasonable price, then when they arrive they will try to gouge you with added fees and service costs that skyrocket the bill at closing time. For opening a car, you should pay about $60, but it get’s more expensive if you also need extra’s like busting a steering wheel lock bar. Most legitimate locksmiths will quote you an entire out the door price before they render services so you know exactly what you’re getting into. If you aren’t able to ascertain the total cost before the service is provided, you should likely find someone else to assist you with your issue.

It’s hard to ensure that someone is around when you have an emergency, but if at all possible, try to make sure that you have company when the locksmith arrives to help you out. It’s been reported before that victims of shady locksmiths felt in danger, and were more inclined to agree to inflated prices and incomplete services when it came down to it. If they are prepared to take on one person, they might think twice about pulling something shady when two or more are around. 



The importance of emergency services in drowning accidents

Swimming pools can be some of the best areas for outdoor parties during the summer, however it is important to recognize that there are inherent dangers when you are around water. It’s important to supervise when you’re near or inside water; you should always have a responsible adult who is in charge of keeping track of children when they are in the bathtub, or playing in and around water. If the children are young enough to be in preschool, you should always be within arms reach of them around water. Although you may be lured in to a false sense of security when watching children around water, do not be fooled. Drowning is a silent activity that can kill with lighting speed, so you should not distract yourself with other activities while you are watching children around water, even if you have a lifeguard on duty. This article was provided by poolcleaningchandler-az.com, who are official sponsors of our association.

If possible, you should utilize the following tips to always ensure that people are safe when they are engaged in water activities. Use lifeguards if they are available, and if they are not, designate a buddy to assist you. This next tip may seem like common sense, but an extraordinary amount of drowning death victims did not know how to swim; make sure that everyone involved in water activities has had formal training in swimming!

Another handy skill to learn is CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). It can sometimes take emergency responders several minutes to arrive on scene, and in that time you could be providing life saving care to an individual if you have the proper training. Keep in mind also that air filled toys are not proper safety devices. If you are utilizing flotation devices they should be clearly marked approved by a regulatory agency.

Emergency services are of paramount importance in a drowning accident, so make sure that at the first sign of trouble, you either call the services yourself, or designate someone by name and make sure they carry out the action. Drowning doesn’t have to be the inevitable outcome. With quick thinking and a little training, you can ensure that your outing does not turn fatal.

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